High Resolution PDF of the PC800 Service Manual

Hi Folks, we’ve create a brand new, high resolution PDF of the PC800 Service Manual. This started out just as a project for ourselves, but watching the posts on the Internet Pacific Coast Riders Club – iPCRC and Facebook groups (one here, another here), we are realizing that our bike is having a renaissance as the old guard is passing on their machines to a whole group of new owners. Us old guys have 20-30 years of tinkering with these, and almost as many years of internet archives to help us. The Service Manual is the key to keeping these gems running, and not busting all the plastic doing it. The original PDF of the manual was put together with low res scans in GIF about 15 years ago. The 96 DPI resolution made the text fuzzy and images really hard to view. So…
We purchased a couple of pristine manuals (no stains or fingerprints), unbound them and professionally scanned them at 1200 dpi. That’s better than what it was probably printed at so the images are crisp. The pages were straightened and enhanced, and fully OCR’d so the full document is text searchable. We created links so the Table of Contents and the full Index are clickable (we also edited the notorious torque error on page 8-2). It’s a great resource to have on your phone or laptop when you’re on the road, but also a good companion to your hardcopy manual that will never get dirty! We like the ease of the the hardcopy to prep ourselves for repairs, then just print out the needed pages when the wrenches and grease come out.
High resolution scan of service manual page
Sample resolution of the new service manual scan.

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