Scanner-Safe Lubricant now comes in 3 sizes

lubricant bottles

Due to so many requests for it, our scanner-safe repair lube now comes in 3 sizes:

  • 1.2 ml size for about 2-3 rebuilds
  • 2.5 ml for multiple rebuilds and optics repair work
  • 5.0 ml perfect for servicing sensitive optical scanners, telescopes, camera and lens rebuilds, 3D printers, gear trains, etc.

lubricant bottles lubricant bottles

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We spent a lot of time researching a replacement for the hard-to-get Sumitec 331 that was originally spec’d for the Nikon Super CoolScans.  After meeting with multiple manufacturers and experts, we believe we’ve found the best replacement available.  Two of the most critical requirements were:

  1. No Silicone.  Silicone grease has a nasty habit of “migrating” which means that it creeps and flows from it’s original location, usually only as a thin film, and can fog and contaminate lenses and other optics.
  2. Low Outgassing.  A lot of lubricants have VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) or other ingredients in their mixture that evaporate off at room temperature.  These make the lube easier to squirt out, but then they can re-condense on sensitive optics fouling the surfaces.  Not something you want anywhere near your film or scanner.

What makes it safe for scanners?

  • Formulated to be non reactive on both steel and the plastic parts
  • This lubricant is a low viscosity (NLGI 1) grease
  • Maintains it’s properties across a huge temperature range (-40C to +440C)
  • With synthetic POA base, Lithium soap thickener, and PTFE additive
  • Negligibly low outgassing
  • Stays where it’s put, no sag, no run, no migration.
  • Contains no silicone.

Let us know if you have any questions at all!

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