Replacement Mirrors for Nikon Super CoolScan models

Nikon Super CoolScan Mirror

One of the more delicate, yet often handled parts of the Nikon CoolScans is the primary Front Surface Mirror that reflects the image into the sensor. These mirrors are moderately exposed to the elements, and often collect dust and grime. When it gets bad enough, your scans start turning out blue. When it gets really bad, the unit will report a hardware error. Luckily, there are great tutorials online that describe how to disassemble the scanners and remove the mirrors for cleaning. Not for the faint of heart, cleaning a delicate front surface mirror can be nerve wracking. Sometimes, the mirrored coating can have pits or pinholes in it, or mold growth can start etching the finish. Or worse, cleaning it can induce scratches.

After much research and hunting down details, we have finally found a source for brand new replacement mirrors.  You can purchase them from our shop here.

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