Apple Disk II Interface Card Connector Shroud


Pair of Apple Disk II No-Solder Connector Shrouds for the Disk ][ Interface Card.

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Apple Disk II No-Solder Connector Shroud – pair

A very common problem on vintage Apple II computers with the Disk ][ Interface Card, is that the connectors are simple pins with no shroud to help guide and orient the connector. If the connector is installed backwards, or misaligned in either direction, it can fry the drive.

This is a simple connector shroud that can be slipped over the connector and pinned in place. It acts as a guide to help orient the mating connector. No modifications to the original board are necessary.

You will probably need to remove the Interface Card from the computer to get access. Simply press the shroud straight down over the pins. NOTE: Be very careful of the 3 small capacitors below the Drive 2 connector! Then slide the bar in from the side to capture it. If the bar doesn’t want to go all the way in or is crooked, try to seat the shroud over the pins again. The bar should slide through pretty easily.

Price is per pair of 3D printed parts in assorted colors.


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